What We Do

Environment is one of the most widely discussed subjects today as it is adversely affected by unbridled growth and development. The rampant application of technology in the over-exploitation and utilization of natural resources has indeed resulted in the various environmental ills such as water, soil and air pollution; depletion of natural resources; vanishing of life-supporting ecological systems and the more recent and alarming threats like global warming and climatic changes.

Worse, our desire to have more of everything never seems to end. Added to this, are the increasing demands of increasing populations. Our natural capital is seriously eroding. Fossil fuels, water and forests are vanishing faster than they can be replenished. Under such circumstances can there be sustainable development? Will our future generations, our children be able to live a better life...?

It is learnt that by 2020 nearly two billion people in Asia will not have enough food and water, while water scarcity will limit economic growth. Now can we afford to remain ignorant about our environment? This is the only planet we have which is so beautiful and magnificent with such an amazing variety of life. It would be an unpardonable crime and a shame on the part of the human race to let such a wonderful gift of God go uncared.

Every one of us could do a little bit in his / her own capacity to protect the environment. We, at NRPI, have been doing our bit in a humble way to protect our environment.

  • Environmental Education and Awareness Programmes.
  • Field Research.
  • Eco-Restoration & Conservation Programmes.
  • Resource, Information and Communication Packages.
  • Rural Development.